The MindChamps


Our team of international experts synthesise the fields of Neuroscience, Child Psychology and Theatre into a multidisciplinary education, helping to fill existing gaps in global education. As a result, the MindChamps philosophy is simple – to unlock every child’s potential by focusing on ‘how’ they learn, rather than ‘what’ they learn.

We know that your child is born with insurmountable potential, and our mandate is to help him or her realize this potential through The 3-Mind Revolution – the trinity of the Learning Mind, the Creative Mind and the Champion Mind:

The Champion Mind – Celebrating the individual’s uniqueness, going beyond conventional wisdom and overcoming adversity to achieve success.

The Learning Mind – Learning How to Learn strategies that actively assist our learner to understand, store, recall and synthesise information and concepts.

The Creative Mind – Connecting multiple perspectives and integrating them to generate new, creative ideas.

Your child has MindChampion DNA.

MindChamps is founded on ‘The DNA of Success’ – knowing that the ability for a person to learn and grow is encoded in their DNA. Therefore every child that walks through our doors has virtually infinite potential just waiting to be unlocked.

What’s more, recent advances in epigenetics have given way to new theories on education and the human capacity to learn. This is especially important to early childhood learning experiences, in which our brains are at their most influential. In fact, the first 15 years of our life experiences are the most significant in turning potential into reality, and our curriculum is built around this very understanding.

By teaching children to think independently at a young age, our Champs gain the most valuable of skills that carry through to the tertiary level: to be innovative, creative and original, and to use their unique thought processes to succeed in the future.

MindChamps Nursery Pre-school

Corporate DNA


To foster the power and potential of the human mind, body and spirit for a better tomorrow.


To build a world of MindChampions – empowered with the mindset of 100% RESPECT, Zero Fear

Social Charter

Education Enables
MindChamps is committed to the creation of educational opportunities where they would not otherwise exist.

5 Core Values

  • Heart
  • Integrity
  • Prosperity
  • Growth
  • Expansion

6 Core Themes

The Core Themes come alive when we strike a balance between the creative and practical, the individual and team, hard work and the sheer pleasure of achievement.

Core themes creative and practical

Education and Life Philosophy

In unison, your child is also provided a nurturing environment that promotes our MindChamps Education and Life Philosophy: 100% Respect and Zero Fear. This philosophy is practiced by our staff and teachers at all times to ensure your champ has a confident voice in a safe and comfortable learning environment.