The Champion Mindset

Our Champion Mindset: Passionate about learning
Our speciality: Future Champions
Our standing: Award-winning and internationally recognised early childhood education
Our programme: A free-flowing natural learning process

Our Champs are passionate about learning because they experience it naturally through curiosity and freedom of expression. By teaching them the joy of discovery in an enjoyable environment, our champs are able to thrive while developing important skills that carry through to tertiary education. We lay this foundation for children before the routine and rigid average school experience stifles their potential.

That’s why our MindChamps core curriculum and enrichment programmes are designed to nurture your child right from the beginning. Our award-winning education centres supported by our team of internationally-acclaimed experts provide a world-renowned education that caters to every child’s needs.

Discover our advanced learning approaches for the early childhood mind and personality development:


As the name suggests, Inquiry Moments™ spurs active learning and thinking as kids construct meaning from experience about the world around them. Inquiry Moments™ works from a base of thinking, exploring and data collection, with the data being subsequently analysed.

MindChamps Nursery Inquiry Moments


Champs are given access to a wide range of quality literature. They are constantly encouraged by teachers and given ample opportunity to read for their own interest, pleasure and general knowledge.

MindChamps Pre-School Fun with language


This programme strikes a balance between providing phonics instruction with understanding of meaning. Children will be taught skills and strategies for reading so that they will adapt and use these skills throughout their entire lives.

This programme is designed to create highly successful future readers, writers, storytellers (learners) through nurturing enjoyment in children as they are read quality literature in an engaging and dynamic manner.


These strategies are developed through grouping and counting exercises, musical exercises, the physical manipulation of numbers and groups, shapes and patterns, and through calculating and experimenting with money denominations.

Kids participate in ‘real life’ money calculation exercises as per latest research. The latest research shows that young minds are able to grasp the complexities of the world through experience, experiment and understanding, and the MindChamps PreSchool approach is ideally suited to help these young minds.


The Sensory, the Motor, the Intellectual, the Linguistic, the Emotional and the Social (S.M.I.L.E.S.)

The S.M.I.L.E.S. environment is one where experiential stimuli, social interactions, active engagement and individual exploration replace out-dated didactic methodologies – an environment where dedicated carers are trained to both:

  1. seize moments – to identify (and take advantage of) those age-appropriate learning and nurturing opportunities that occur naturally during the caring process
  2. craft moments – to create multi-modal, multi-sensory experiences that provide children with diverse opportunities to learn and grow, through interaction with the environment, the carer and the other children.