MindChamps Nursery

@Bloom Gardens – Abu Dhabi

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Located in the diverse and multicultural city of Abu Dhabi, our purpose-built MindChamps Bloom Gardens nursery boasts new, world-class resources, providing a safe and encouraging environment for your little champ to learn. Facilities include a gym, large outdoor play area, a shared space, and classrooms equipped with the latest learning technologies.

With only the best, technologically advanced resources available to both our staff and champs, we ensure your little one will have all the tools required for effective learning at their disposal. This includes daily biometric health checks and electronic sign in for both staff and students to ensure a healthy and efficient educational environment.

Designed to enrich and foster a positive learning experience, the MindChamps nursery boasts surroundings that have been planned for optimal participation and inclusion.

Contact Details

The first step to your child’s future starts here. Contact us to learn more.

MindChamps @Bloom Gardens – Abu Dhabi

(next to Brighton College Abu Dhabi)

Tel: +971 (0) 2 610 9666

Email: admissions@mindchamps.ae and info@mindchamps.ae

We’re available to you and your champ

all day Sunday – Thursday, 8 am to 5 pm

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